Weekly Update Sept. 10th

Hello everyone,

The girls had a great show at Cathedral on Friday. We hope you all enjoyed watching the games.

Weekly schedule Sept 10th:
Mon, 10th– practice 3-5pm on grass
Tues, 11th– home game PHS v East Lake– JV @ 2:30pm–V @ 4pm.

  • Due to the JV game starting at 2:30 the JV team will have early release from school at 2:00pm. JV girls must quickly leave class get changed and come to the field immediately. JV ONLY.
  • V arrive at 2:30 to watch first half of JV game and warm up.

Wed, 12th— practice 6-7:30pm on turf
Thurs, 13th— game @ San Marcos HS–JV @ 5pm– V @ 6:30pm

  • Bus departs PHS at 3pm to San Marcos HS. Please get green slips if you are not riding.

Fri, 14th–Practice 4-6pm on turf. We will be taking the team photo, for the poster, at the beginning of practice. Girls must wear their home uniform for the team photo; white jersey top, green skirt, white socks.

Please remember to turn in remaining forms and any sponsorship/contributions this week.

Thank you all,
Coach Kim

Weekly Update Sept. 3rd

Hello everyone,
Last nights games were so exciting. Both teams played so well. I hope you all had fun and enjoyed watching your daughters in action.
Tuesdays practice we will be splitting the two teams into overlapping hour and a half practices.
Please remember to always come 20 minutes before practice is scheduled to gear up and get ready for warm up.
Weekly Schedule Sept. 3rd:
Mon, 3rd: No field hockey
Tues, 4th: JV 5:30-7pm and V 6:30-8pm on Turf
Wed, 5th: 6-8pm on Turf
Thurs, 6th: 3-5pm on Turf
Fri, 7th: Game @ Cathedral Catholic HS– JV @ 3:30pm– V @ 4:30pm. Bus departs at 1:00pm. (Cathedral FH games are played on their lower Field Hockey field not in their Football Stadium)
***Please remember green slips if you plan on not riding the bus, whether you ride one way or not at all***
Riding the bus and green slips– Just a reminder, each player must ride the bus with the team to and from the school as it is consider school time. If you want to drive your player to Cathedral or home after the game from Cathedral, one or both ways, she must obtain a green slip pass from Ms. Grosley in the Athletics office by Wednesday end of school. All green slips must be turned into me by Thursdays practice. Parents need to write a note excusing your child from riding the bus and the note must specify to, from or both ways. There are no exceptions. Once we are at the away school parents can not take their child home in their private vehicle if they do not have a green slip.
The Bus will depart PHS at 1:00pm from the front of the school, be there promptly with all of your gear. All players will be released from class at 12:45pm and need to go directly to a restroom and change into their green skirts and black warm up shirt and have their green game jersey and green game socks (away uniform). All players need to inform their 5th period teachers early in the week that they will be gone for the field hockey away game on Friday.
Please keep in mind the bus travels just as fast as everyone else. The bus leaves the away school after the end of the second game and drives straight to PHS. Be mindful that us coaches have to ride the bus with your daughters and can’t leave until all players are picked up.
thank you all for your support,
Coach Kim

FH Weekly update Aug 27th

Hello everyone,
This week will be a busy week for us. We will be holding our team parent meeting, collecting participation forms, handing out uniforms and playing our first game.
Weekly Schedule Aug 27th:
Mon, 27th: 3-5pm on grass
Tue, 28th: 6-7pm on Turf– 1 hour practice;Parent meeting to follow
***Tue, 28th: 7:15pm Parent meeting in room K-1*** (separate email to follow)
Wed, 29th: 6-8pm on turf– uniform distribution before practice at the shed 5:00pm.
Thurs, 30th: 3-5pm on grass
Fri, 31st: First game of the season @ home vs. University City High School. 6:15/7:30pm
  • JV– arrive at 5:15pm for field set up and warm up. Game start time is 6:15pm. All JV players will stay after their game to watch first half of Varsity game.
  • Varsity– arrive at 6:15pm to watch first half of JV game and warm up. Game start time is 7:30pm. Field clean up after game.  
Looking ahead at the schedule, there will be no Field Hockey practices over the three day Labor Day holiday weekend. Practice will resume on Tuesday, September 4th.

Weekly Update Aug. 20th

Hello everyone,

 We would like to thank all the players for trying out for PHS Field Hockey this season.  Everyone worked hard this week. Congratulations to you all for making the team and having such a wonderful try out.  Coach Morgan, Coach Woldseth and I are all really excited to start the new season. Below are the rosters. The beginning of the season happens quick, there is a lot of information that comes all at once, then it slows down. Please bare with me, you will receive several emails from me this week.
The team rosters are as follows:
Junior Varsity
Tori Alvarado
Kendall Andruski
Phoebe Araujo
Lorelei Barry
Allison Bell
Kate Bylsma
Gabriella Cahua
Hunter Cooper
Katie Delamore
Isabel Grieme
Ally Kowalski

Natasha McKown

Alexis Odegard
Myra Oliveira
Taylor Sakaguchi
Rachel Sandstorm
Sally Scott
Noor Zuberi
Isabella Agrusa
Josie Allen
Brooke Boyd
Crystal Dang
Gabby Cunnyngham
Annalisa Flud
Madelyn Hurtado
Lilly Jiminez
Morgan Kallman
Natalie Logan
Gisselle Martinez

Aaliyah Rivera

Jessica Ronces
Anjani Srivastava
Shivangi Srivastava
Cierra Stock
Lauren Villdibill
Charlotte Walker
Weekly schedule Aug 20th:
Mon, 20th- 3-5PM on Grass
Tues, 21st- 6-8PM on Turf
Wed, 22nd- 6-8PM on Turf
Thur, 23rd- 3-5PM on Turf
Fri, 24th- 3-5PM on Grass
There are some players who missed try outs and will be coming next week if your name is not listed above we are still waiting, I just wanted to make sure you have the schedule. Also, for some reason I do not have Ally Kowalski’s email if anyone has her contact info please forward her the email.
Again, congratulations to you all and we look forward to seeing the teams on Monday.
thank you all,
Coach Kim

Weekly update Aug. 13th try outs

Hello everyone,

We have an update to the try out schedule for this week.
In trying to accommodate the school registration schedule and field availability we have made two changes to times on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Updated try outs schedule is as follows:
Mon, 8/13-   3:00-5:00pm   @turf  (meet on the visitor side at the 50 yard line in Stadium)
Tues, 8/14-  8:30-10:00am  @upper grass field (softball field)
Wed, 8/15-  6:00-8:00pm   @upper grass field (softball field)
Thur, 8/16-  6:00-8:00pm   @turf
Fri, 8/17-     6:00-8:00pm   @turf (Teams announced)
***Schedule subject to change***
Don’t forget all your necessary gear and to hydrate-hydrate-hydrate. Bring extra water and sunscreen for try outs. Get plenty of rest, eat well and hydrate all week.
thanks and see you all on the field,
Coach Kim

FH Mid-week update Oct. 17 important game schedule changes

Hello everyone,
There has been a change to this weeks game schedule as well as next weeks please read below to see the updates.

The Varsity game for this week has been changed to 7 pm on Wednesday at PHS.  Please have the girls there at 6pm for field set up and warm up.

JV will still be practicing at 6pm but will practice for one hour then watch the Varsity game. We will be having an impromptu pizza party while watching the game.

this weeks schedule:

Monday, 10/16– JV practice 2-4pm start on turf then move to grass. V 3:30-5:30pm on grass.

Tuesday, 10/17– practice 6-8pm on turf

***Wednesday, 10/18- JV practice 6-8pm and Varsity game @ PHS v. Mt. Carmel-7pm varsity arrive at 6pm for field set up.

***Thursday, 10/19- game @ PHS v. Mt. Carmel- JV @ 3:15pm arrive at field immediately after school for field set up.

Friday, 10/20- 3-5pm practice on grass

Also, next week both JV and Varsity games v. Westview have changed days. The game is now @ PHS v. Westview on Wednesday, October 25th- JV @6:15 and V @ 7:30.

see you all at the field,

Coaches Kim, Britt & Morgan


FH Weekly Update Oct. 16

Hello everyone,

this weeks schedule:

Monday, 10/16– JV practice 2-4pm start on turf then move to grass. V 3:30-5:30pm on grass.

Tuesday, 10/17– practice 6-8pm on turf

Wednesday, 10/18- practice 6-8pm on turf

Thursday, 10/19- game @ PHS v. Mt. Carmel- JV @ 3:15pm arrive at field immediately after school for field set up. V game @ 4:30 arrive at 3:15pm.

Friday, 10/20- 3-5pm practice on grass


coaches Kim, Britt and Morgan

FH Weekly Update Oct. 9

Hello everyone,

Both teams played great games last night and kicked off the league season strong. Now that we have started our Palomar league games this week we will be having a pasta party at the field, Thursday the day before the RB game. The girls will practice for 1 1/2 hours and then 30 minutes for team bonding and carb loading. Both teams will have the first pasta party together at the same time, however, each team will supply their own food. Pasta Party will be on the grass field so please bring your items there.  Please remind your daughters to bring a blanket or beach towel if they want something to sit on.  The plan is to have three pasta parties from now til the end of the season.

***Please click on the link below according to the team your daughter is on:***
This weeks schedule:
Monday,10/9— Practice start on Turf then move to grass. 2-4pm
Tuesday, 10/10–Game @ Del Note– Varsity @ 3:15pm– JV @ 4:30pm.  Bus departs 1:45pm.
***please remember green slips if you are not riding bus and to be at the game field 1 hour before game time.***
Wednesday, 10/11— Practice on turf 6-8pm
Thursday, 10/12— practice on grass 3:30-5:30pm ***Pasta Party during last 30 minutes–Please click on link above and sign-up to bring an item.***
Friday, 10/13— Game @ RB– Varsity @ 3:30pm– JV @ 4:45pm. Bus departs at 2:10pm.
***please remember green slips if you are not riding bus and to be at the game field 1 hour before game time.***
I still have a bunch of team posters left. If you have not seen one, your daughter didn’t bring one home to you, or you need extras for grandparents/family members or sponsors please have your daughter ask me for one they are in the shed.
Also, a lot of girls are coming to practice and games very low on energy and complaining of being hungry or feeling sick because they haven’t eaten all day. As athletes it is very important for the girls to stay healthy and fuel their bodies properly. Please help them keep on top of their nutrition. Lastly, its going to be a warm week ahead please remind your daughters to hydrate-hydrate-hydrate all day every day!!!
thank you all for participating,
Coaches Kim, Britt & Morgan

FH Weekly Update Oct. 2nd

Hello everyone,

We have a busy week ahead. 2 away games and a restaurant fundraiser on Wednesday at Chipotle on Poway RD., please see attached flyer.

***There has been a modification in the game schedule for this week, Thursdays game has been moved to Friday.***

This week:

Monday, Oct. 2– Practice stat on turf at 2-4pm will move to grass half way through.

Tuesday, Oct 3– Game @ Serra HS– V @ 3:15 and JV @ 4:30– bus departs PHS at 1:30pm.

Wednesday, Oct 4– Practice on turf 5:30-7pm. Shorter practice for restaurant fundraiser event at Chipotle. (see flyer)

Thursday, Oct 5– practice on turf 3:30-5:30 Game cancelled, moved to Friday

Friday, OCt 6– Game @ Westview– V@6:15pm and JV@7:30pm– NO BUS–
Varsity be there at 5:15pm for warm up and JV arrive at 6:15pm.


Kim, Britt and Morgan

FH Weekly Update Sept. 25

Hello everyone,

Here is this weeks schedule:

Monday, 9/25– practice 2-4 pm. Start on turf and move to grass.

Tuesday, 9/26– game @ PHS v. Vista. JV plays at 6:15pm be there at 5:00pm for field setup. Varsity plays at 7:30pm arrive at 6:15.

Wednesday, 9/27– practice on turf 6-8pm

Thursday, 9/28– practice on turf 3:30-5:30pm

Friday, 9/29– No practice


Coaches Kim, Britt and Morgan