Weekly Update Aug. 20th

Hello everyone,

 We would like to thank all the players for trying out for PHS Field Hockey this season.  Everyone worked hard this week. Congratulations to you all for making the team and having such a wonderful try out.  Coach Morgan, Coach Woldseth and I are all really excited to start the new season. Below are the rosters. The beginning of the season happens quick, there is a lot of information that comes all at once, then it slows down. Please bare with me, you will receive several emails from me this week.
The team rosters are as follows:
Junior Varsity
Tori Alvarado
Kendall Andruski
Phoebe Araujo
Lorelei Barry
Allison Bell
Kate Bylsma
Gabriella Cahua
Hunter Cooper
Katie Delamore
Isabel Grieme
Ally Kowalski

Natasha McKown

Alexis Odegard
Myra Oliveira
Taylor Sakaguchi
Rachel Sandstorm
Sally Scott
Noor Zuberi
Isabella Agrusa
Josie Allen
Brooke Boyd
Crystal Dang
Gabby Cunnyngham
Annalisa Flud
Madelyn Hurtado
Lilly Jiminez
Morgan Kallman
Natalie Logan
Gisselle Martinez

Aaliyah Rivera

Jessica Ronces
Anjani Srivastava
Shivangi Srivastava
Cierra Stock
Lauren Villdibill
Charlotte Walker
Weekly schedule Aug 20th:
Mon, 20th- 3-5PM on Grass
Tues, 21st- 6-8PM on Turf
Wed, 22nd- 6-8PM on Turf
Thur, 23rd- 3-5PM on Turf
Fri, 24th- 3-5PM on Grass
There are some players who missed try outs and will be coming next week if your name is not listed above we are still waiting, I just wanted to make sure you have the schedule. Also, for some reason I do not have Ally Kowalski’s email if anyone has her contact info please forward her the email.
Again, congratulations to you all and we look forward to seeing the teams on Monday.
thank you all,
Coach Kim
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