Hello Field Hockey Families,

We are excited for our girls this year and our first major fundraiser of the 2020 season. We are kicking off the fundraising early this year in trying to get a headstart and giving everyone plenty of time to find sponsors.

As in years past, Poway High School Girls' Field Hockey Program is seeking sponsors from the business community for our Team Fundraising Program, which provides donors multiple options and donation levels outlined on the attached form.  The Team Poster, which has been our primary fundraising tool in the past, features our JV and Varsity teams, our game schedule and sponsor names or business cards.  These posters will be distributed to businesses around the Poway, Carmel Mountain, and Ranch Bernardo areas.  Please also point out the other levels which provide additional exposure and advertising opportunities for the Donor, and more funding for the Field Hockey Program.

We are inviting businesses to make a donation at the highest level they can. Be sure to let them know their donations are tax deductible.  As explained on the flyer, Poway High School Girls' Field Hockey depends entirely on the players' families and the Poway community for its funding.

We are asking each player's family to contact local businesses which they frequent and ask them to sponsor the Poway High School Girls' Field Hockey team in this fundraiser.  Players will be given 50% credit, up to $375, for sponsorships they obtain*.  Please take the time to ask all of your local businesses, tradesmen, services, restaurants, and other professionals, etc.  We strongly encourage the players to go to the businesses with a parent to explain the fundraiser.

Please find attached a sponsorship request form to print out and give to businesses explaining the fundraiser.  You will see that they may elect one of several levels of sponsorship, with $250 as a minimum to have their business card on the poster.

Electronic business cards and logos work best for this fundraiser.  They may be emailed to or if you are given a hardcopy business card, please keep it in pristine condition for handing in to Coach Kim, as it will be scanned for the poster. Each business sponsor will be provided a copy of the poster by the player who obtained the sponsorship once the posters are printed.  Players will also be given additional posters to distribute within the Poway/Rancho Bernardo communities.

Please ensure that you turn in your completed forms and checks as you receive them, and in any event to Traci Oliveira at

Thank you for taking part in this fundraiser.  Poway High School Field Hockey depends on your support.  Let's make this a great start for our young women this season.
*50% of any Team Fundraiser Donation amounts may be credited, up to $375.
Donations and any business cards must be attached or previously turned in to receive this credit.  No staples please.