FH Weekly Update Oct 30

Hello everyone,

This week we are having a restaurant fundraiser for In The Mix frozen yogurt in Poway on Thursday November 3rd from 12Pm - 9Pm. Please see the attached flyer and send or post to all your friends.  Flyer must be printed and presented at the time of order. 
Reminder for the end of season banquet.  Please print, RSVP and turn into Sophia Kallmann we need of how many people are attending including players.  Player are free and guests are $25 each. EVERY player needs to RSVP.
Weekly schedule:
Monday, Oct. 31- JV practices 3:30-4:30 on the grass in costumes.  Varsity practices 4:30-5:30 on grass.
Tues, Nov. 1- practice 6-8 PM on turf
Wed, Nov. 2- game v. Rancho Bernardo @ PHS. This is Senior night for our 4 seniors and will be held in between the JV and Varsity games. All JV girls will participate in senior night ceremony and stay for first half of Varsity game. 
JV arrive at 5PM for set up. Games are at 6:15PM for JV and 7:30 Varsity. 
Thurs, Nov. 3- Practice 3:30-5:30pm on turf. In The Mix fundraiser 12PM-9PM.
Fri, Nov. 4-  Practice 3:30-5:30 on the grass
Please remember to hydrate, study and get rest.  

FH Weekly update October 24

Hello everyone,

This weeks update is filled with a lot of information. Please be sure to read it all.
Monday is our Field Hockey Wings n Things restaurant fundraiser.  In the email is the attachment flyer for the event; please post and send out. Don't forget to drop your receipt in the group raise collection box at the restaurant the teams will only receive a portion of the receipts placed in the box. 
Please don't forget we are in the last 7-10 days of our online fundraiser. If you have not input email addresses into your account please do so.  If anyone needs help there is a phone number provided and they will walk you through step by step.  Anyone that wants can also contact me for help.

In the weekly email is the attachment to RSVP for the end of season banquet.  It will be held on December 5th, 6pm-9pm at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club.  All players are admitted for free and guests are $25 per person. This is a fun event where the teams get dressed up and we get a chance to see everyone out of their field hockey apparel, eat dinner and dessert receive awards from the coaches and from their team captains as well. 

This weeks schedule:
Monday, 10/24- Practice 3:30-5:30PM on grass. Wings n Things fundraiser restaurant night.
Tuesday, 10/25- Practice 6-8PM on turf
Wednesday, 10/26- game vs. Westview at PHS. JV arrive at 5:00 for set up. Games are at 6:15PM JV and 7:30 Varsity.
Thursday, 10/27- Practice 3:30-5:30PM on grass. Bus green slips are due today!!
Friday, 10/28- game @ Del Norte. Games are at 3PM for Varsity and 4:15 for JV. Friday is a non-student day but there will be a bus provided to ride from Poway High and back. If you are not riding the bus you absolutely must provide a green slip excusing you from riding one or both ways by Thursday 10/27. At bus 1:15 leaving PHS at 1:30.

Please don't forget to bring both your game socks and pink socks for the games. Bring warm clothes/ jackets and Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate!

FH Weekly Update October 17

Hello everyone,

We are having a Wings n' Things fundraiser dinner night for the field hockey team.  It will be held on Monday, October 24th. Please follow the link to check out the information, and feel free to forward/post to anyone you think might be interested in going.
They have two games and a Pizza party this week. Both teams will have their pizza party at the field right after the Thursday practice.


I have assigned 1 Varsity and 1 JV player to bring items needed for the pizza party taking into account those who already participated in the last pasta party. I will assign the remaining players to the next pasta party.  
Pizza- The team captains will be collecting $2 per player by Wednesdays practice in order to get pizza on Thursday
fruit- Sydney Kallmann & Lilly Jimenez
salad & dressing- Isabelle Flud & Bri Stark 
dessert- Annalisa Flud & Izzy Agrusa
beverages- Lauren Leland & Myra Ashraf
paper goods(paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins)- Taylor Kallmann & Katia Sky 

This weeks schedule:
Monday, 10/17- Practice 3-5PM on grass
Tuesday, 10/18- game vs. San Pasqual at PHS. JV arrive at 4:45 for set up. Games are at 6PM JV and 7:15 Varsity.
Wednesday, 10/19- Practice 6-8PM turf
Thursday, 10/20- Practice 3-5PM on grass. Pizza Party at end of practice.
Friday, 10/21- game vs. Mt. Carmel at PHS. JV arrive at 5PM. Games are at 6:15 for JV and 7:30 for Varsity.
Please don't forget to bring both your game socks and pink socks for the games. Bring warm clothes/ jackets and Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Go Titans!

FH weekly update October 10

Hello everyone,


  • Please look over and add information into the online fundraiser link that was sent out to parents. Running the month of October.
  • If you take photos/videos at games please send in to webmaster, Bree Blila. Email with information coming separately. 
  • Senior night is coming up and I will be sending a separate email to those who signed up to be on the committee at registration.  (RB game 11/2)
  • End of Season banquet is fast approaching. I will be sending a separate email to those who signed up to be on the committee at registration.   The banquet is a big production for the girls. Both teams enjoy and benefit from the banquet as well as parents. It consists of a lot of small tasks/jobs that all come together. If everyone helps out and does a little it can be easy and flawless.  Any and all help is welcomed! If you are interested please reply and let me know. (first week of December)
This weeks schedule:
Monday, 10/10- practice 4:30-6:30PM on grass
Tuesday, 10/11- practice 6-8PM on turf
Wednesday, 10/12- game vs. Del Norte at PHS.  JV arrive at 5PM for set up.  Games are at 6:15 JV and 7:30 Varsity.  
Thursday, 10/13- Games @ Rancho Bernardo HS. This is a non-bus away game.
****All players are responsible for their own transportation. JV arrive at 4PM. Games are at 5PM JV and 6:15 Varsity. ****
Friday, 10/14- practice 4:30-6:30PM on grass
Go Titans!

FH weekly update October 3

Hello everyone,

This weeks schedule is as follows:

Monday-10/3- Practice 4:30-6:30 on grass
Tuesday- 10/4- Game @ Westview, released from class 1:15 and bus leaves at 1:30. games at 3:30 Varsity and 4:45 JV
Wednesday- 10/5- Game @ PHS- JV arrive at 5PM for field set up. games at 6:15 JV and 7:30 Varsity
Thursday- 10/6- practice at 3PM-5PM on grass
Friday- 10/7- practice at 3PM-5PM on turf

Go Titans,
Kim Draskovich