UPDATE for Field Hockey week of Sept 14

Hi All-
Friday, September 18: Game @ Otay Ranch HS, Varsity @ 3:00pm / JV @ 4:15pm
release from class 12:30pm, bus departs 12:45pm
Athletes should notify their teachers that they need to leave class early on game days and make arrangements to make up any missed classwork.  On game day, athletes excuse themselves from class at the release time and quickly go to a nearby restroom to change into their uniform then meet the team in front of the school to ride the bus.  
Athletic bus schedules must run early so they can be back to school in time to run their usual after-school routes.  If an athlete has a test or other reason that they cannot ride the bus, please follow the directions on page 6, XI. C. of the Athletic Handbook.  The pass will need to be presented to the coach the day prior to the away game.
Have a great week & GO TITANS!
Melinda Patenaude
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